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What is a committal?

What does this mean?

Who is the coroner?

And when is the coroner involved?

Where and when to have the funeral service?

Choosing where to have the funeral

One of the first things to consider when planning a funeral is where the funeral will take place. It is a very personal choice and you should decide what feels right for your situation and to honour the person you are farewelling. 

The following may help you make your decision: 

  • the number of people expected to attend
  • type of ceremony – religious or civil
  • church, chapel or graveside service
  • committal at cemetery or place of funeral service
  • could the weather be a factor?
  • will you be having refreshments after the funeral?

Choosing when to have the funeral 

Funerals usually take place in the first week after somebody dies. When to have the funeral may be determined by a number of factors: 

  • are you awaiting release from the coroner?
  • will people be able to attend immediately, or will travel cause delays?
  • availability of desired venues
  • availability of person conducting funeral.