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How can I personalise the funeral service?

Tips for adding those special touches.

What else is there to organise?

Once you and your funeral director have decided on the time and place of the funeral, and the bookings are confirmed, there are other things you need to consider.

Death and funeral notices

A death notice and funeral notice may be placed in the newspaper prior to the day of the funeral. If desired, it may be possible to also place these on the internet.

The family will need to prepare the principal death notice to inform the wider circle of family and friends of the death, and your funeral director will submit this to the appropriate newspaper.

Part of the funeral director’s service is to guide you with this notice.

Generally, the funeral director will prepare and submit the funeral notice.

Individual family members may wish to add their personal notices to the principal family notice, and these may be placed directly with the newspaper. Strict closing times apply to placing notices to appear on the following day.

How to prepare a death notice?