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Personalising the funeral service

How do I prepare a eulogy?

A eulogy is a presentation which centres on the qualities of a person who has died, referring to their character, personality, strengths and the life they have lived. Most people consider it a great honour to be asked to deliver a eulogy. A family member or friend can present the eulogy, or the celebrant engaged to lead the funeral service. Occasionally anecdotes are also presented by other people.

This is an occasion for you to present ‘a good word’ about the person who has died, and as a guide we suggest three to five minutes in length.

While your presentation will be based on your own memories of the deceased’s personal qualities, it should also bring mourners to reflect on their own memories too.

Although the occasion is one of respect and sensitivity, this should not inhibit you from introducing humour into your reflections.

You may wish to tell a favourite story, remind the listeners of a quirky habit, or use anecdotes from your own experience and the experiences of others.

If others are contributing to the preparation of the eulogy, it can be a wonderful time of getting together with these people to share your experiences.

We trust your role of writing the eulogy will be a treasured personal privilege, and will become a powerful and memorable role of your participation in the funeral service.

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