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How can I personalise the funeral service?

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Faith, cultures and traditions

Regardless of our culture, religious traditions and beliefs, love and loss is the common ground of our human experience.

At Frank J Siebert we undertake many different styles of funerals and specialise in faith-centred funerals. Consequently, we are committed to assisting you to create a meaningful funeral. A funeral that expresses your love, and the meaning of your loved one’s life to you.

For some, this means drawing on the rituals and symbols of the religious tradition they practice. For others, it may be a very personal spirituality that sustains their life; then there are those for whom the death of a loved one may be the first time they have been confronted with the meaning of life and death.

The initial conversation with your funeral director will enable you to identify those things that will make your funeral service meaningful and memorable. A funeral that expresses these core elements draws on the values and beliefs that underpin your life, and will support, comfort and strengthen you in your grief journey.