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Saying goodbye

Viewing can assist healthy grieving.

Burial, cremation or repatriation?

I am thinking about burial.

Traditionally, many people feel that a burial is a fitting way to lay a loved one to rest, and some cultures and faiths strictly require burial.

A burial will require a burial site, usually in a community cemetery. A burial site can accommodate as many as three people at different levels. Most cemetery leases have a fixed term which is determined by the nature of the location and the cemetery chosen. The usual lengths of leases are 25, 50 or 99 years. 

Once a lease term has commenced, it is possible at any time to extend or ‘top up’ a lease to the maximum term allowed. 

For further information on the lease terms, please contact us or the relevant cemetery authority. 

Some reasons people choose burial:

  • Cultural tradition
  • Religious tradition
  • Family tradition
  • It can be a source of comfort to some people to be able to return and care for the place where they have laid their loved one's remains
  • A place for a permanent memorial to be erected
  • Grieving can be facilitated as a burial service can heighten awareness of the reality of death.

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