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Saying goodbye

Viewing can assist healthy grieving.

Burial, cremation or repatriation?

Religious, cultural or other personal beliefs may assist or influence you in making this decision.

If you are organising a funeral for a loved one, they may have left instructions regarding their choices.

Your funeral service is not changed by your choice to have a burial or a cremation. With either option your service still has the same elements, including your choices for music, readings, reflections, audio visual presentation and other ways in which you may wish to honour the memory of your loved one, and say goodbye.

You may wish to seek advice from family, close friends and professionals to make this decision.

I am thinking about burial.

Which cemetery?

I am thinking about cremation.

Which crematorium?

I am thinking about repatriation from overseas or interstate.

I am thinking about having the funeral conducted interstate or overseas.