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When is the coroner involved?

There does not have to be anything suspicious about a death for the coroner to be involved. If the doctor is unable to certify the death, the police will be contacted, who will then contact coronial staff.

A death must be referred to the coroner for investigation when:

  • the cause of death is unknown
  • the person died unexpectedly
  • the person died from an accident or injury
  • the person died in a violent or unnatural way
  • the person died during or as a result of an anaesthetic or within 24 hours of the anaesthetic
  • the person died in an institution, a prison or police custody
  • the person suffering from mental illness or intellectual impairment died whilst accommodated in an institution
  • the identity of the person who has died is not known.

Who is the coroner?

What will happen if the coroner is involved?