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Dealing with grief.

There are many places to seek help.


Viewing the deceased once they have been placed in a coffin is a very personal decision and one that can assist you to realise that your loved one is at peace.

When a cremation is planned, identification is compulsory, and this can take place at the time of the viewing.

Usually the viewing would take place in the funeral director’s chapel on the day prior to the funeral. Occasionally it may take place in the church or chapel prior to the start of the service. 

A viewing can provide the opportunity for personal goodbyes and reflections and to place special items into the coffin.

A viewing will also assist you to realise that the death has actually happened. This can help the sense that 'everything seems unreal' to diminish.

We are here to assist you with your decisions and will answer any questions you have with honesty and compassion.