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Saying goodbye

Viewing can assist grieving. 


What does embalming mean?

Care of the deceased

There is no rush for you to immediately arrange transfer for somebody when they have died.

If the person has died in a hospital, hospice or residential care facility, stay with them until all those who wish to say goodbye have attended.

If the person dies at home, remove all bedclothes except a sheet, turn off heaters and keep the room as cool as possible.

You do not have to make instant decisions about your choice of funeral director, in order to have the body transferred.

When you are ready to have the deceased person’s body transferred, usually from the place of death to the funeral director’s premises, please contact us so we can sensitively guide you through this process.

At Frank J Siebert, we will be honest with you about how we care for the deceased person’s body and will answer any questions you have with compassion and understanding.