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Planning a funeral now

Some deaths are expected, some are not. No matter how much notice we are given, we are never fully prepared for the actual death of a loved one.

A funeral is important. When someone we know dies, we will be changed. This person will have made an impact on us in individual ways, and we will have given a special part of ourselves to them. While we will experience a sense of loss, we will also deeply reflect on the special qualities and attributes of the person who has died. The loss we feel at their death is the reason we grieve. 

A funeral is important because it:

  • helps us acknowledge the reality of the death of our loved one
  • honours and celebrates their life
  • encourages our expression of grief in the presence and support of family and friends
  • offers connection and hope for the living.

Meeting with a funeral director is the first step in planning a funeral. You can contact us now.