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Our family story

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Frank J Siebert, still remembered by many people in the community today, was known for his kindness, his wide-ranging interests and involvement in the community, and for his irrepressible personality and mischievous deeds.

Frank’s father, Joseph Bartholomew Siebert, upon his arrival from Germany in the 1860’s, commenced trading as a carpenter and builder. Based in Adelaide, and with strong links to the newly established community, he extended his activities to include undertaking, which became his primary occupation.

Frank followed in his father’s footsteps, and renamed the firm Frank J Siebert, Funeral Directors, the name it still trades with today.

Joseph B Siebert, the third of Frank’s four sons, became the manager of Frank J Siebert Funeral Directors, until his sudden death in 1969. 

The company continued on under the proprietorship of Joe’s sister and his wife, Gertrude and Betty Siebert, and now, in the best traditions of family businesses, the company is under the management of Joseph’s son, Bernard.

We take a great deal of pride in the fact it is still a family owned company with a long tradition of uncompromising quality of personal service.

....makes us who we are today.

In spite of all the developments and changes through four generations, the things that really matter have endured: economy, personal care, professional conduct, sensitivity and concern for the family.

The mission of this firm is to offer funeral services that dignify the strong emotions experienced at the time of loss.

Our most important role is to assist families to create powerful memories of that final farewell.

It is our privilege to be invited into a family at such an intimate time. Our response to this invitation is a promise of the highest quality of service, and a commitment that the only things that matter at such a time are the wishes of those we serve.

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